for my first blog post I thought I would start with an introduction . Of who am I and what are my reasons to even attempt to start a blog. 

Who am I. 

Schermafbeelding 2018-12-22 om 15.12.32.png

So to start this first post off. My name is Matthijs I am at the moment of writing this twenty-seven years young. And live in the Netherlands. I speak two languages one of which is Dutch and the Other is English, however english is not my native language so if I make spelling mistakes or so please make me aware of my faults I can only learn from it. I am also learning Spanish but the progress of this is slow and steady.

currently my job is with the royal dutch navy which brings me to places all over the globe. I have been working for the navy since two thousand and fourteen . And I can say it definitely shaped me in the man I am  right now.  

I also really enjoy sports they are essentialy my release valve. The sport I enjoy doing most is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. For most people without a background of Martial arts this sounds like I am some sort of karate kid or that I dance that brazilian fighting dance. And I want to make aware that this is not the case although yes its a Martial art and like with any martial arts you can attack this is not Capoeira nor karate.

Schermafbeelding 2018-12-22 om 15.16.02

The aim of Brazilian jiu jitsu you can argue is to survive. So it’s more like human chess first you need to take down, control, position, submission. But enough about BJJ for now. other sports I enjoy doing at this very moment is doing cross-fit like almost everyone else it seems lately. And I also enjoy dancing currently learning Salsa ( LA ) , Bachata , merengue  and in the near future kizumba might be added to this.

Did I mention yet I am also passionate about traveling the world in search for new cultures, adventures, people and places. Hence the blogs name came to be the worlds wanderer.  Since my job already brings me to a couple of place I am fortunate enough to travel to others in my spare time too. And most of the traveling I do Solo, not because I don’t want anyone with me on a journey but most of the time it just happens that I don’t have people who are currently available for travel or share the same interest. who knows what the future brings.

I think that concludes who I am for the moment I think in the future I might take deeper dives in this than i did right now. 

On to the next subject. 

Why start blogging?

Well to this question I only have one answer really. I would like to share my experiences, adventures. Or just things that roaming around in my head.

how often will i post?

not entirely sure yet but let’s say twice a week I am aiming for right now.

What are the main subjects ?

For obvious reasons one would be my travel experiences, for other reasons I would like to tell somethings about books I just read and what my thoughts are about the book, also I enjoy doing puzzles not of the jigsaw kind but metal and wooden logical puzzles so maybe I will post something about this I don’t know yet how to give this form but without trying there is nothing so we shall see. Also I would like to talk sometimes about my experience with Brazilian jiu jitsu the fun parts and the struggles I have with the sport. and since I compete I wouldn’t be surprised if I tell you something about the last competitions I did. plus sometimes I buy new gadgets or just fashion or what not. Basically a little view in my life and mind. 

What do you expect out of this ?

That I do not really have an answer to. I must be honest I mostly do this for my own egoistic reasons to start with, to give my brain someway of letting out what I really want to share with everybody.  And the hope is that other people will enjoy the read or are entertained by it. of course I hope people enjoy certain post coming and or will contact me for suggestions. But i have no way of knowing what the future will bring I am embarking on a new adventure and this adventure starts off Solo but this can change.  

With kind regards to the people who read my first post.  I havent even figured out if there is a comment section yet but lets assume there is a way of letting me know something about you i would like to know. A bit about who you are what brought you to this post and obviously your feedback would be appreciated.  Who knows until the next post thanks for reading 



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