New years resolution

The new year has begun its 2019 now and I don’t know how soon this post will be up. Or when you are reading this but just for the form happy new year and may you make it the best one yet. People from all over have made new years resolutions and trying to achieve their goals. For some of you those goals are to loose weight or to exercise more. According to surveys these are on the top of most chosen resolutions. However for me they are a bit different and I will show you, what I have chosen for my new years resolutions. Also I will explain a bit about my choices.

My list for 2019.

  • Learn Spanish
  • Compete as much as possible (BJJ)
  • Compete in next years Europeans in Lisbon
  • Read a book every two weeks ( maybe even one week)
  • Finally make the Sri Lanka trip happen.
  • Continue making blogs
  • Get happy with myself
  • Search for that what makes me happy
  • Keep training (BJJ) and giving training at work.
  • Learn the beginnings of piano
  • Continue learning Salsa, Bachata, Merengue

Learn Spanish

Why do I want to learn Spanish? Well for starters even though I speak Dutch and English. The language that is spoken most across the globe is not English in fact its Chinees and Spanish. Also I thought it would be nice to learn a language that to my ears sounds nice. However the thing about this goal is that I already started for a long time. Therefore my goal in learning Spanish is to extend on what I have learned already. Where there is a will there is a way, my parents always said. So I am willing to do what it takes and continue learning. If you are reading this and think hey I want to learn Spanish as well. Then I suggest the Michel Thomas course this is an audio course. But unlike many others it is not just repeating a word. It is teaching you the rules of the language in a very easy to understand way and with it you can speak the basics with almost no time at all. And to get your vocabulary up I suggest to use the massive populair app Dualingo.

Native speakers 2018.

Compete as much as possible (BJJ)

Last year I made different choices. Mainly because my situation was different and my priorities where focused on someone else. Yeah you read it correctly the girl friend was more important for me than competing. Go figure right, but since I am single now I want to focus more on my competitions and see if I can get myself on a couple of podium places. If you do BJJ do you compete? leave a comment if you are planning on competing t this year or not and what makes you compete or not.

Amsterdam open 2018 3rd place NO-GI

Compete in next years Europeans in Lisbon

This is one of those returning goals on my list, I would love to make this happen once. Why didn’t I do it this year? I hear some of you ask. Because my last competition did not go so well and because I ended up injured. Also its not cheap to compete and when you are not sure of yourself, why then would you invest in it? Possibly some of you might still find the motivation to just do it, but I figured that I would be allot happier with more preparation. Look at the goal above that is part of the preparation.

Read a book every two weeks ( maybe even one week)

For this goal I got inspired by somebody else, I already like reading books and for the past year I have read more books than I did in the rest of my life. But there was no goal for it and I like it to continue. So here it is a hard goal to reach for multiple reasons but that does not stop me from trying. Reasons for it being hard my work takes me out on the sea and when sailing, There are just a couple things you do and that is eat work, sleep, eat work, eat and sleep.That is a twenty four hour day in a nutshell when sailing. During that time I am not reading as much. But I am more curious if I can make this goal happen while on the main land. Do you who reads this enjoy reading books? if so what kind of books do you enjoy reading ? Leave a comment.

Finally make the Sri Lanka trip happen

Like some of these other goals I am screaming this for a year already. This is going to be that year. Because I am currently single and will not have to convince someone of going there or freeing time in there agenda. Literally I can go when I can. Okay granted I do not know what the future will bring. But for now this is high on my list of things I want to do. Of course before I go and buy the tickets I will do some research on where and what I have to see or do. If you read this and you already have tips for this journey, they are more than welcome.

Sri Lanka

Continue making blogs

Yeah I am trying to make blogging a habit. To relieve myself from what is roaming around in my head. Still I do not have any idea on what shape or form this blogging is going to get. Or if anyone cares for that matter but I wrote in an earlier post. That I am not doing this to please other people ( of course I hope you like the read ) but I am doing this mainly for myself. Out of curiosity and some roaming thought I started and I hope I can make it stay.

Get happy with myself

Of course this is a goal that only me can make happen. Right now I am not the happiest me, I am not satisfied with who I am or what I am becoming at the moment. It is time for a change. Now that I am single I have more time to spend on thinking about who I want to be as a person and how I am going to get there. First I need to be happy with myself before I can be happy with someone else. The process of this has already started. This is also partially the reason I started blogging in the first place. Because of a habit really, I am always excited about telling something about my day my life and what is important to me. So much so that I sometimes go by the fact that the other people might have something to say or to tell as well. Now I know that blogging is also a bit of a one way street. But what I am trying to to achieve with this, is to speak my thoughts. Out here and leave them here for the people who find it interesting. but to stop bringing this stuff up as much as I did with other people. Little side note I actually think its working for me.

Pontresina Switzerland 2018

Search for what makes me happy

This is connected with the last one. Since my goal is to be happy with myself I also need to find something that makes me happy, I already love Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and am addicted to it. Traveling to see the world out there is my passion. Reading and learning a new language I also like. But maybe there is more and I keep my mind open for such chances. Thats how I started dancing and I have to say I quite like it, so maybe there is even more out there that makes me happy.

Keep training (BJJ) and giving training at work.

Last year (its been only a couple of days) I finally made it so that I could give training at work. Even though there were not many people I still enjoyed it, because I could learn the sport I am so passionate about, to others and in turn learn new details about techniques. Those new details are most of the time very small and I do use them during rolling without even thinking about them. But that does not mean they are not important. Every little bit of knowledge about techniques helps, and I want to make use of it and continue training. With a competition mindset , because for every competition I gain new experience.


Learn the beginnings of piano

So my little brother gave me his keyboard. And since I have it now I better make use of it and learn to play it. I already started with this and as a person without any musical experience I am having a hard time with it. But as with anything persistence is key. So my goal is for this year to at least learn the basics, whatever that may be ( No idea of what is the beginning of piano lessons) and improve from there. Also I am learning this on my own without lessons. Maybe lessons will follow but for now this will do.

Continue learning Salsa, Bachata, Merengue

Like I said before I enjoy the dancing lessons. Reason for that is because I can see that I am improving. The more I learn the more I enjoy it, More moves equals more fun. This is the reason why I like to continue learning it, of course as long as I can combine it with my work since I am sailing from time to time. After sailing however I would like to pick up where I left off.

02-01-19 Wednesday

Some of these things are a bit personal and might come over as a cry for attention. This is not why I wrote this down I just want to share my thoughts. Since not all thoughts are always the happiest I also share the slightly less happy notes. But I hope when you read it that you can also see a positive side of it. That I am aware and that I am working on it. the rest of the list I probably will at some point come back to and blog about. Maybe a progress report or a travel blog or a story about a dance party. As always I could use the feedback. For spelling mistakes, wrong use of words and things you liked. Also leave a comment with your new years resolutions and feel free to explain yours or not. Hope you enjoyed the read and to see you back on the next blog.


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